Authentic Alignment Program


3 months of deep recalibration to your authentic self...


What would you life be like if you stopped getting in your own way, making excuses and finally step into your own power?

Are you tired of:

~Living the life other people expect you to live?

~Feeling ashamed of doing or speaking about what you want?

~Afraid of losing friends or family because of what you desire?

~Hiding the parts of you from many, only revealing them to few?

~Feeling guilty for wanting to explore your life outside of what is 'appropriate' by society?

~Restricting yourself around others to avoid offending them?

~Hoping the future will be better than the present?

~Feeling that there is something wrong with you?

It is time to uncover your unique blueprint of what makes you happy, and step into your most fulfilled life through alignment!

Open Book

Sometimes it is the most impossible desire that drives us, that will make us to shine the most!

  • I work with many people who are hiding from their inner truth, who are concerned with behaving a certain way to make sure they fit in the life that is unfulfilling and uninspiring to them.

  • Analyzing our desires and wishes along with what is holding us back, is the best way to start living the life that would have us jump out of bed in the morning!

  • Discovering what keeps us stuck not living that life is the other piece of an important work that we do within this program.

  • Most of us run patterns that show up on all levels of our being: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

  • One tiny adjustment in your thinking or in things you do, can show up as free time, abundance of energy or peace of mind.

  • This work can be challenging and highly rewarding. It will unlock your potential and set you on the path to living in authentic alignment with yourself.

Green Goodness

Here is what you will receive with Authentic Alignment Program:

Six Bi-Weekly In-Depth Coaching Sessions.

We will do a deep dive into your goals, mindset and set up strategies for upcoming weeks. [120 minutes]

Twelve Weeks of Live Q&A on a Zoom Call.

Each week you get to come in with any of your questions and challenges and we will work on them.

Twelve Weekly Alignment Sessions.

Created to keep you accountable to your goals, track your progress and anchor in the change.

Lifetime Access to Authentic Alignment Community.

This community will help you grow and continuously evolve with more and more members undertaking the journey.

With this program you will have access to tools to continue polishing your skills and habits to live the fulfilling life you desire!


Elyssa Maridueña

Creative Writer and Intuitive Reader

I was really impressed with Tatyana's service, scope of talent and the whole process in and of itself. In very practical ways I was guided through a series of exercises that delved in deeply and provided much needed insight. I was amazed at Tatyana's willingness to sit with me and hold space for me, for as long as the process took, if it meant being able to get to some meaningful revelations and breakthroughs in the end. I was provided with the material that we completed, afterwards which will be useful and serve as a guide map to all of the things that I wish to worth through, heal and empower myself by focusing on that which are in alignment with my core values.

April Hartmeister

Cancer Survivor, Body Image Advocate at IchiUno

Working with Tatyana was an amazing journey. It was a roller coaster ride that concluded in understanding myself more in ways that I didn’t think was possible. I have a degree in psychology, and have gone through many self-help coaches, events, gatherings, etc etc. I know how to do the dance and I’ve been constantly searching for finding the truth in what message I am to this world. In a few hours I learned more things that I didn’t know about myself I have a full page of notes that I made. Being somewhat of a specialist in searching for a way to get through some of the minutia I have built up in my life, I would recommend her services. You will get the results you are looking for. The tactic she developed made it where I had no clue what the outcome would be. I have an easy set of goals to start with that I could easily accomplish and feel good about!

Thank you, Tatyana!

Parvizsho Aminov

Software Developer, Silicon Valley

Overall this was a great eye-opening experience. Tanya was able to immediately identify all of my concerns and give me the needed direction to help me deal with them. It helped me be more accepting with things that are out of my control and more determined to do what I can to make a positive change!

To Pay in Full...

Six Bi-Weekly In-Depth Coaching Sessions.

Twelve Weeks of Live Q&A on a Zoom Call.

Twelve Weekly Alignment Sessions.

Lifetime Access to Authentic Alignment Community.

It is a One Time Investment

...of $1,900.00

As a Bonus for Paying in Full, You Get A choice of:

Synthesis Reading


Understand Yourself Better Course

To start off our journey of self-discovery and fulfillment!